Optiprint operates on the basis of a highly developed franchise business model. We provide our franchisees with a proven business model that is characterized by proven high returns and organic growth in six different markets. Since companies are confronted with high costs on a daily basis, our solution helps them save time and money. Our own European development and know-how are crucial for further development and continue to offer the best performance in our field of work. Below we present the ten reasons why our service is reliable and why you should consider becoming our franchise business partner.

1. A Reliable Business Partner

We are a reliable business partner with the Bisnode Certificate predicate Excellence. Integrity in business is one of our most important guidelines. We strive for good business relations with our partners and maintain a tradition of compliance with AAA standards.

2. Carefree Printing

We are guided by the desire to offer a flawless and optimal printing service: carefree, reliable and affordable. At Optiprint we have a strong support team that takes care of the carefree experience of every (potential) customer who works with us. At Optiprint, the user does not care about anything else but the content of the print. We take care of everything else. And the cartridge never stays empty.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Using our proprietary technology, we have eliminated costly losses due to additional ink supplies and have managed to guarantee high quality color printing at an affordable price. By renting from us, companies reduce their monthly costs, as all services and cartridges are included in the fixed monthly rent. We also offer a free and non-binding trial period and free installation of the printer before signing the contract.

4. Local Market Knowledge

Optiprint’s headquarters are located in Ljubljana, where we have our own development, service, sales and administration departments. From the headquarters in Ljubljana we serve customers from all over Slovenia. With the franchise business model we are currently represented in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and Italy. Thanks to our sophisticated franchise model, our business partners receive the same high-quality service regardless of their location and business organization. Our mission is to ensure that users have a perfect, worry-free printing experience with us. This enables us to offer the same reliable printing service to companies operating in different locations and countries under a single framework agreement.

5. The World of Ecological Color Printing

At Optiprint we have set a new standard with our own development and created the world of ecological color printing. Our own advanced storage system allows printers to maintain a continuous supply of ink, dramatically reducing the number of waste cartridges and toner. Throughout the life of the printer, no matter how much is printed, we never throw away a set of cartridges! Since 2010, we have recycled approximately 820,000 cartridges and have achieved an excellent result, increasing the print volume per device by 50 times than we would otherwise have been satisfied.

6. Technical and IT Support

Thanks to our sophisticated franchise model, business partners, regardless of their location and business organization, receive full technical support in case of complications and challenges. The Optiprint team is always available to users of our service to answer any questions they may have and to provide advice and information. Even in the event of a printer failure, our customers do not need to waste time and energy as our service technicians will correct the fault as quickly as possible free of charge. Remote technical support is available daily until 20:00, except Sundays and holidays.

7. Technology and Development

We offer the Optismart printing technology that ensures smooth and error-free operation of the equipment. We have developed an Mighty Fields application-oriented information system that enables us to offer diagnostics, preventive inspection and efficient remote printer service. In ten years we have developed over 20 systems and efficient information communication on various multifunctional devices.

8. Good Customer Service

The purpose of the Optiprint service is to provide a carefree printing service. We strive to improve the satisfaction of our customers. We want to inform users about efficient printing and at the same time offer them a unique experience from the first contact with us. We are happy to listen to their experiences and suggestions for improvement. In case of a challenge we react immediately and solve it. We can safely say that we strive in all departments of our company to exceed the expectations of our users and provide them with a unique experience. All our customers have access to a call center that provides reliability in solving challenges. Whenever users encounter a technical problem, they try to solve it remotely in the call center, and most often they succeed.

9. Optiprint Organizational Culture

Our franchise group employs over 140 people who strive to provide the best service every day. Optiprint can look back on 10 years of agile and reliable operation. We inspire team spirit with a lot of connection, correct work, communication and organization of team building events.

10. Cost Planning

We have developed a business model that gives our users the best overview of printing costs and at the same time reduces them through color printing. Apart from money, Optiprint users also save time.

With Optiprint we offer a carefree printing solution. We offer a high quality service that is required by a wide range of businesses, government institutions and organizations. Our product is designed with usability in mind, delivered directly to the end user and set up by a trained technician. This ease of installation, combined with an overall effective and reliable service, has proven to be essential for rapid and widespread adoption, as demonstrated by our partners who are generating high returns in a variety of markets. Contact us and join our daily growing team of international business owners with your own local customer base.