Modern business is focused on optimizing costs and achieving greater efficiency in the marketplace. Companies are usually the first to adapt their operating costs to their needs.

Integrated Managed Print Services (MPS) helps businesses optimize their printing costs.

Optiprint’s core service is the rental of optimized printers and multifunctional devices. With an innovative continuous ink cartridge system, Optiprint has set a new standard for environmentally friendly color printing. 

With Optiprint’s Managed Print Services, companies optimize costs and develop high efficiency in their organization of printing and scanning.

What costs can businesses optimize?

Managed Printing Services offer optimization of operating costs in the company. They improve the flow of work processes, save time and resources, improve productivity and ensure cost-efficiency.

By optimizing, businesses can reduce their operating costs by up to 30% on average.

Optimization of printing costs takes place in the following areas:

Printer purchase and maintenance│Purchasing toner cartridges and printer supplies│Printer security updates and costs│Department utilization IT│Office space│Energy costs│Bottlenecks in work processes.

In today’s world, the use of managed printing services is essential, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Small businesses in particular have limited resources on average to manage operational costs. Instead of wasting money on purchasing and maintaining a printer, they can more effectively focus their resources on functional areas such as marketing or research and development.

No purchase and maintenance costs

The worst thing that can happen to an individual or business is that the printer or multifunction device stops working just when we need it most. Then we have to rely on the repair or warranty period, or we have no choice but to buy new. When you buy new, you have to set up the printer, install a new cartridge, connect to the network, and learn how to operate the printer yourself.

You can save yourself that with a comprehensive managed printing service. The biggest benefits of the service are free printer hardware, including software, maintenance, repairs, and technical support. With the Optiprint solution, you will not be left without an available printer as we provide a responsive service.

Businesses, therefore, do not require a large initial investment to purchase a printer. They simply bear the cost of renting a complete printing solution, which is fixed each month. The rental cost includes the cost of installing the printer, servicing it, maintaining it, and replacing all spare parts. The solution includes an infinite color cartridge as well as all costs incurred when refilling the cartridge.

The advantage of renting a printing solution is a developed information system through which all updates and preventive inspections of printers and software are carried out. Most problems are solved remotely. A team of experienced support experts monitors the condition of the equipment and responds as soon as irregularities are detected.

Advanced software saves time as updates and simpler services are performed remotely. In the event of major complications, printer malfunctions, and device changes, service groups are on standby to respond immediately and visit the customer the same day. The goal is to provide worry-free printing services and smooth operations for businesses without burdening employees.

Much more than just renting a printer

An integrated managed printing solution saves money and time. All printer maintenance, updates, and services are free of charge.

With a traditional printer rental, maintenance, repair, and replacement costs are incurred separately. When renting a printer, it is usually necessary to include a rate for printer maintenance and software updates. In case of failure, the cost of each repair is charged separately. At the same time, it is necessary to cover the cost of spare parts. The spare parts have to be ordered, which is the responsibility of the specialists at IT within the company. If spare parts are not in stock, they are serviced. The maintenance represents a loss of time and a disruption in the workflow, which causes costs in the company.

An integrated printing solution ensures cost and organizational efficiency and offers worry-free use of printing, copying, and scanning in the long term.

No cartridge purchase costs

Comprehensive print services management enables worry-free color printing. The service includes an unlimited color cartridge, so there is no cost to the business for purchasing cartridges or toners.

The unlimited color cartridge is an Optiprint innovation. It allows users to make up to 40,000 color prints.

In the company, employees can print unlimited color and black and white at the same price. Employees do not have to worry about using color printing. This adds value for users because workflows are more pleasant when we add a touch of color to them.

Reduce the cost of managing information technology in the enterprise

The tasks of printer maintenance, cartridge purchases, and updates in the enterprise are typically handled by internal employees who are responsible for information technology (IT for short) in the enterprise. IT employees are often overloaded with essential tasks, so any additional work related to printers represents a decrease in efficiency in the department.

The comprehensive print management service relieves IT employees, from having to worry about maintaining printers, updating systems, and programs. IT employees also do not have to purchase cartridges as they are already included in the service. In the event of IT downtime, employees do not have to take on service tasks or worry about ordering replacement parts because everything is included. This means that IT employees can simply concentrate on their actual tasks and activities.

Print optimization. With less, we can create much more

An integrated print management service aims to maximize optimization. Many times it concerns the spatial layout of printers and their number in the company. Depending on the workload of the departments compared to their printing and scanning needs. Part of optimization can also be a reduction in the number of printers and consequently energy savings. The development of technology enables the use of more advanced devices that offer greater functionality and are more energy-efficient. Replacing old printers with newer models increases the output values, leading to energy savings.

With an updated printing overview and assessment, optimal layout, and replacement of malfunctioning printers, smaller companies can generate much more and reduce energy costs.

Office space savings

Print optimization allows you to reduce costs even with the space load in the company. The company, especially when paying the monthly rent of business premises per area, carefully plans the optimal layout and its best use.

An integrated print management service enables the optimal layout of printers according to room movement and power supply. Multi-functional desktop printing devices are particularly suited to small and medium-sized businesses as they offer the best performance in a small footprint.

Worry-free printing, copying, and scanning with Optiprint Franchise

With Optiprint’s integrated management solution, print services optimize operating costs as the printer rental includes printer maintenance and updates, all repairs and services, all spare parts, and a never empty ink cartridge. Optiprint is synonymous with worry-free printing, copying, and scanning.

Optiprint operates through franchising with a proven business model that is reliable and easy to implement. A model is highly successful with a proven high rate of return and organic growth in six different markets.

We believe our in-house European development and know-how are crucial for such a successful development. With our services, we strive for optimizing printing solutions in enterprises and continue to provide the best performance in the MPS field of work.

Become our trustful franchise business partner

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* Businesses can reduce their operating costs by up to 30% on average through optimisation. The study was conducted in the UK in 2018. Source: IDC EMEA, 389 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 4AE, U.K.