In Optiprint we offer an effective solution for office printing in the form of rented printers or multifunction devices. With our printer rental, everything is included in the monthly fee (printer, its maintenance, toner cartridges, consumables, and printer security updates and repairs), so there is no need for an initial investment in expensive equipment and printing consumables. The low rental price combined with professional maintenance gives our customers a competitive advantage by saving them time and money.

Business success led to the need to expand abroad

Because of the reliable all-in-one printing solution, we have built an expanded customer base that has prompted us to expand our service abroad. Since our local presence with reliable local staff and quick response to customer inquiries are the main advantages of Optiprint service, we chose franchising as our main strategy to expand to foreign markets. We knew that only through franchising would we be able to ensure the highest quality of service to our customers and truly provide them with worry-free printing and scanning. Franchising has proven to be an effective growth strategy for Optiprint and has allowed us to successfully expand into six different countries.

Franchising as a cost-effective alternative for post-pandemic growth

Even from a global business perspective, franchising is recognized as an ideal strategy for rebuilding businesses after COVID, as “it offers an asset-friendly expansion opportunity for franchisors while providing franchisees with cost-effective access to extensive expertise and industry knowledge,” according to Babette Merzheuser Wood, of law firm Dentos.

If one compares franchising with a business start-up, it brings additional advantages, since a high-quality franchise model includes an already tested and proved market scheme and comprehensive business consulting, training, and coaching is included in the franchise fee, whereas a business start-up has to bear all consulting costs separately and thus incurs additional market entry risks.

The advantages of the Optiprint subscription-based model

Optiprint operates on a subscription-based model, offering printer rental to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs or SMEs). We entice potential customers by offering them a free 7-day trial to take advantage of our all-in-one experience of worry-free printing and scanning. We feel it is a great success that more than 70% of the free printer trials continue with the signed printer rental agreement. Such satisfaction proves the quality of our service and represents a great investment potential for the new franchisees.

Our wealth of knowledge eliminates the risks when entering the market

Through quality service and customer satisfaction, we have built an extended customer base network and accumulated reputable business references. We are constantly improving our business model and services and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over the twelve years of our existence. Our franchisees have direct access to all the know-how. We equip franchisees with all the business knowledge and consistent support that eliminates rookie mistakes when entering the market.

A throughout support of Optiprint franchiser

Our expansion and need for continuous improvement have led us to develop a good management system and throughout support for our franchisees. We offer a well-established framework for opening a franchise with us. In addition, our franchise development department is always available for consultation, which means our franchise partners receive an ongoing online support alongside all initial training, management training, sales training, and technical training. Our successful digital transformation has enabled us to organize all live training online. We use our functioning intranet where additional training and learning materials are uploaded for franchisees to have open access to.

»What separates us from other franchise collaborations is the personal support. This proved to be an excellent approach during the pandemic, when we were in contact with our franchisees almost daily, offering them support and advice. This enabled us to prevent a lot of the potential subscription losses.”, said Tamara Buhin, Optiprint Franchise Development Manager.

The essential indicators that convinced our foreign investors

Attractive business model, customer diversity, return on investment, continuous improvement, and business development support 

»I wanted to invest in a company that would grow over time and becomes a sustainable source of revenue. I liked Optiprint’s business model because it was simple, scalable, and easy to implement. The second point was customer diversity. There is a huge market potential in Romania, as we have more than 500,000 SMEs. The third reason I decided to invest in Optiprint Romania was the return on investment (ROI). Our business in Bucharest became profitable after 18 months because we had an infrastructure that was not yet developed. While other companies already in the printing and hardware market become profitable with their first signed contract. Optiprint also ensures continuous improvement with a strong R&D department that develops new solutions for printers, improves service quality, and increases the profitability of the business. In terms of business development support, the company has a business and marketing development department that is in constant contact with partners in each country, developing customer-focused campaigns and helping them grow the business.«, said Cristian Raicu, a Romanian investor and business owner of Optiprint Bucharest.

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