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Why become an Optiprint franchisee?

Optiprint provides a high-quality service that is required by a wide variety of businesses, state institutions and organizations. Our product is specially developed with ease of use in mind, delivered directly to the end-user and set up by a trained technician. This easy instalment, combined with an overall effective and reliable service, has proven to be essential for a quick and widespread adoption, as witnessed by our partners, who are enjoying high returns in several different markets. Contact us today to become part of our daily growing team of international business owners with your own local client base!

What Does the Optiprint Business Model Offer the Franchise?

We supply our franchisees with all the needed materials and know-how to start their business right away.

How long is the franchise agreement?

Most our area development agreements are signed for 6 years.

In which countries are you currently seeking new franchisees?

Currently, we are looking for partners within Central and Eastern Europe.

Why is the Optiprint service considered eco-friendly?

Since the need for changing used cartridges is eliminated, there is no additional waste produced with cartridge disposal. Our innovative system supply enables more than 40,000 prints per filling.

Who employs my staff?

You do. You are responsible for managing all your staff. The Optiprint support team will provide full support by recruiting new staff members.

How much capital do I need to open an Optiprint franchise?

This depends on the country or region. Please speak to our franchise team.

How long is the typical opening process?

With our good on-board process, we equip new franchisee with all necessary knowledge to start a business just after initial training.