In this blog we will talk about franchising and summarize the article Franšizing kot način rasti podjetja (Growth of a Company through Franchising), published on 14 May, 2019, on the website

Optiprint has been expanding its business with the help of its franchise network since 2012. The article highlights some of the advantages and disadvantages of growing business through the franchise model and the relationship Optiprint has with its franchisees.

Optiprint established the franchise model back in 2009. Tamara Buhin, Franchise Development Manager, says expanding the brand with the franchise model is a logical step, as responsiveness and support are crucial in Optiprint’s business model.

Currently, Optiprint has a franchise model with six franchises covering entire Slovenia. It also has franchise partners abroad, namely in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Positive and negative aspects of franchising

According to Tamara Buhin, the advantage of the franchise model lies in the fact that partners obtain a proven business model, knowledge, education, equipment, continuous support and assistance.

As franchise partners are entrepreneurs who are not new to business, cooperation with them is always smooth. Flow and communication are also of prime importance in franchising.

Expansion of business through franchise model helps Optiprint, d.o.o., increase brand awareness and reach more customers.

However, franchising also has some downsides.

As a downside, Tamara Buhin cites disregard for local specifics and choosing the wrong franchise partners.

“Franchises are independent units that manage their own personnel and business premises. Because they operate in the local environment, they are expected to be entirely familiar with the market, the companies and the customers that are present in their market,” says Tamara.

Process of finding suitable franchise partners

Optiprint, d.o.o., is looking for potential franchise partners through franchise consultants, mailings, acquaintances or at different fairs, and is currently focused on expanding to Central Europe and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

»For Optiprint, d.o.o., the most suitable partners are the ones who already have established infrastructure of personnel, business premises and existing business. We require potential franchisees to have suitably qualified people in sales and technical support, as customer support is a key asset the company prides itself with,« states Tamara Buhin.

Optiprint support to franchise partners

For the purpose of getting acquainted with the technical, legal and sales aspects of business, Optiprint, d.o.o., organizes intensive training for all who will be involved in the business process in the future (directors, sales employees, technical support, etc.). 

The company also conducts trainings later on, which are adapted to the individual needs of the franchise partner and the development phase the partner is in. Trainings are carried out at the company headquarters in Ljubljana, at the headquarters of the franchise partner company or through webinars.

Franchisees can contact their parent company at any time for advice or help. Optiprint, d.o.o., also helps define strategic plans, provides assistance in recruiting and other management challenges.

Through mutual trust towards a better partnership

Živa Lacko, Franchise Manager, emphasizes the importance of mutual trust for a successful partnership.

“We build a good partnership with daily transparent communication, through which we set goals together and reach mutually beneficial agreements. We do not believe in micromanagement, nor do we have the desire for it,” says Živa Lacko.

Whom is franchising best suited for?

According to Živa Lacko, franchising is best suited for companies that already operate on a proven business model in the domestic market. Their business model must be transferable to other legal entities and show profitability.

To sum up, it is very important to have the right people in the company, who enable a good and fast transfer of knowledge to the franchise partners.