In your company, you must be using at least one printing device. But have you ever wondered how much time and effort it takes to properly manage a printer? Even if you rent a printer? From service technicians responsible for maintenance, parts and repairs, installation, programming, and upgrades, to buying cartridges and print paper. All in all, it’s time-consuming and costly for the company or individual who has to ensure the printer runs smoothly.

In order to provide an enjoyable and easy user experience for color printing, at Optiprint we have developed a solution that offers more than just renting a printer.

Integrated print service management – Optiprint solution

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a combination of services and customized solutions for the purpose of optimizing and monitoring printing activities in the company. With this service, we improve the user experience and achieve savings by optimizing devices installed in each department of the company. The service includes estimating and optimizing print consumption, installation, and maintenance of hardware and related materials.

At Optiprint, we offer comprehensive service management by including printer maintenance, all spare parts, and a never-empty ink cartridge in the printer rental service. The service includes comprehensive support, immediate remote technical resolution, and responsive service that solves problems the same day in most cases. Optionally, customers can order high-quality printing paper from us.

Print optimization with the carefulness of its use

The purpose of Managed Print Services is print optimization and user-friendliness. The purpose of Managed Print Services is printing optimization and ease of use. Optimization is designed to help make the best use of the printer assigned to each department in the company. Depending on the printing, scanning, and copying requirements, we install the most suitable device in the department. It is used to its maximum and the cost of its use is adjusted accordingly.

How does print service management really work?

When we visit a company, we evaluate the utilization of printers or multifunction devices that are currently in use. Based on the information we get from the network the printers are connected to, we evaluate the print consumption in the company. At the level of each department, we then assess the printing needs. We draw up an optimal scheme of selected printers or multifunction devices by the department and redistribute them according to consumption. This approach avoids the installation of printers whose functionality is not exploited. While this ensures worry-free printing, the company realistically pays only as much as it actually needs and uses the printers.

Service for higher productivity in the company

The managed printing services increase the efficiency of the company, as it strives for an efficient use of the company’s resources. The greatest added value is the convenience and carelessness of its use. Managed printing service relieves the company of all obligations associated with the printing device and its use.  Employees avoid planned cartridge purchases, as an infinite color cartridge that included in the printer rental. They avoid the costs of repairs, purchase of spare parts, and maintenance. All this contributes to exceptional savings of time and resources and increased efficiency in the company. The employees can be therefore fully dedicated to their work. The company plans its printing costs in advance, which are determined monthly at a fixed price.

Optiprint print service management is more than just renting a printer!

Managing printing services is more than just renting a printer because it is all-in-one. The cost of renting the Optiprint solution includes the cost of installing the printer, its maintenance, servicing, and replacing all spare parts. The solution includes an infinite color cartridge and all costs for refilling the cartridge. At Optiprint, we have developed an information system related to the application of Mighty Fields, through which we offer diagnostics, preventive inspection, and efficient service of printers even remotely.

A solution for small, medium, and large companies

The Optiprint solution is ideal for a wide range of users. We offer simple printers, multifunction devices, and large copiers. Our solution is suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs and independent contractors
  • Micro enterprises
  • Small enterprises
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Large companies

Should your company also consider hiring an Optiprint solution?

Printers are becoming more affordable, but color printing is still too expensive for many businesses. At Optiprint, we strive to provide a worry-free color printing experience that relieves the user of any worries. The user prints carefree, whereas we take care of everything else!

Because we believe in the quality of our service, we offer a 14-day free and non-binding trial period for the use of a printer or multifunction device. We believe this is the best approach to building trust. Your company does not bear any risk.

Advantages of renting an Optiprint solution

Renting an Optiprint solution is simple and requires no initial investment. The fixed price of the monthly rental includes a printer or multifunction device, its installation, and comprehensive support and all the maintenance.

The advantages of renting are:

  • No initial investment
  • Optimization of printing in the company
  • Design cost-effective packages based on the combination of printers you rent
  • Fixed monthly rent and control over printing costs
  • Infinite cartridge included
  • Endless scanning
  • Maintenance of printers or multifunction devices included; and
  • More responsive and efficient IT support.

Convince yourself of the quality of our service and order a color printer or a multifunctional device for testing, free of charge, and without obligation. We are currently available in six markets. You can try your free trial in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, and Italy.

We wish you a pleasant and carefree use of the printer!