Could this stable business model open up a whole new business opportunity for you?

We are facing a special situation this year. The COVID virus has brought us to a standstill everywhere. In our private lives as well as in business. On average, companies have been, and continue to be, in decline and face several undeniable business anomalies.

A recent Eurostat survey has predicted a pessimistic overview of the economy: “The outlook for 2020 is expected to worsen due to the coronavirus outbreak, as in March 2020 industry confidence fell dramatically. EURATEX is conducting a survey among European companies: preliminary results indicate that more than half of the companies expect a drop in sales and production by more than 50%. Moreover, almost 9 out of 10 companies face serious constraints on their financial situation and 80% of companies are temporarily laying off workers. 1 in 4 is considering closing down the company.” (Source: Euratex, 2020).

In these unpredictable times, we are all thinking about the correct approach for the smooth recovery of our businesses; what we need to change in our operations, how we can improve them, what we need to do differently to keep our customers, and how we can attract new ones.

At Optiprint, we have initiated an upswing in digitalization. We have invested a lot of time and resources in digital transformation and training. We have activated our social media channels and improved our websites through regular blog posts and SEO optimizations. The close collaboration and network connectivity we have fostered have enabled us to keep our business running. Our business was only affected by superficial scratches. However, one of the main reasons for the insignificant decline is Optiprint’s stable business model.

We at Optiprint have a stable business model

The core business of Optiprint is printer rental, together with our innovative solution providing a continuous ink supply system.

Customers hire a service offering worry-free printing which includes all technical support and maintenance. The solution is suitable for all companies, public institutions, and the educational sector. The subscription business model allows us to maintain constant cash flow and a broad customer portfolio which has proved to be a great advantage.

With a well-established network of our franchise partners, we demonstrate a local presence throughout the market. We are able to offer all our customers, regardless of their location, carefree, high-quality printer rental, and fast response to customer needs.

Optiprint means: ”To offer all companies worry-free printer rental with Optiprint technology throughout the EU” and ”Colour printing at the same cost as black and white printing”. The use of a proven and reliable business model with proven high returns and organic growth is currently available in 6 different markets.

We believe that it is the constant development of Optiprint’s technology and know-how that makes us better. Our subscription-based business model and diverse customer portfolio provide stability and steady growth in our company. At a time when the economic situation is unpredictable, this is a great opportunity to build a reliable business with Optiprint.

Could This Be a Business Opportunity for You?

Sharing is caring. We believe it is about valuable team management! We share knowledge, best practices, and experience while working closely together at the same time. Especially when it comes to the relationship with our franchisees, who are our most valuable partners.

Cristian Raicu, owner of the first Optiprint Romania franchise:

I decided to invest in an Optiprint franchise after a detailed analysis of the business model. For an investor, it is important to have a partner who can prove the business excellence in its area, who has the capability for future product development, and who has the willingness to support the franchisee in opening new markets. “.

Tomi Curk (Insis d.o.o.), one of the first Optiprint franchisees:

” Cooperating closely with Optiprint for many years as their franchisee has resulted in many satisfied customers who have optimized their printing costs using our solutions. Through the many challenges we face, we strive for improvement on a daily basis, and with a brave team, we are achieving great results together. Optiprint is a reliable business partner with whom we are happy to work with!

We believe that there are business opportunities in the marketplace. Optiprint is definitely a great option to consider. Our business model is designed to give you everything you need to start your business successfully. From training, marketing materials, technical knowledge, tips, and tricks of the trade and, last but not least, we offer you unbeatable support. Who knows, maybe you will become our next franchise partner operating in your local market.

Are you interested in learning more about the Optiprint business model and the business strategy that will help you grow your business through these unpredictable times?

We look forward to meeting you!