Worry-free printer rental with unlimited color cartridge! How does that sound? Could you imagine offering it? Read the following as it could open up a brand new perspective on your business expansion opportunities.

The office equipment rental and leasing industry in Europe is expected to grow over the next five years. Although the pandemic brought economic challenges, the market is predicted to grow at an annual CAGR of over 3,4% over the next five years. (IBIS World)

The office equipment rental market consists of the rental and leasing of printers and copiers. In offices, printers and copiers are essential pieces of equipment for smooth business operations. Since investing in office equipment usually involves a large capital outlay, businesses may be looking for cost-effective alternatives. One of the most effective ways to get a printer is simply to rent it. For most, the benefits of renting outweigh buying equipment right off the bat. The same goes for leasing the printer. Most importantly, the fixed monthly rental cost allows businesses to predict their expenses and plan their budgets accurately. Businesses can build their business credit and balance their cash flow each month.

On average, employees in IT departments spend more than a third of their time just solving problems related to internal printing! What’s more, most companies don’t realize that through careful assessment and optimization, they can reduce their printing costs by up to 30%! This opens up a great opportunity to consider your entering the office equipment rental industry and becomes familiar with the Optiprint printer rental business.

Optiprint provides a quality printer rental service to a wide variety of businesses, government institutions, and organizations. Optiprint service is focused on providing convenience in printing, copying, and scanning. Businesses receive worry-free printer rental, which means they don’t have to worry about anything other than the content of the print.

Optiprint offers an all-inclusive service. Businesses rent a complete solution that includes print optimization, printer installation, maintenance and repair, and replacement of all spare parts. The solution includes an infinite color cartridge as well as all costs incurred when refilling the cartridge. The advantage of Optiprint rental is a developed information system through which all updates and preventive inspections of the printers and software are carried out. Most problems are solved remotely. A team of experienced support experts monitors the condition of the equipment and reacts as soon as irregularities are detected.

One of the biggest advantages is that the Optiprint service is based on a simple and reliable franchise business model. The advantage of the Optiprint franchise model is that partners get a proven business model that has already been tested and evaluated in various markets. The model comes with a complete package of in-house development, expertise, training, ongoing support, and assistance.

The Optiprint business model has a proven track record of high returns. It operates with organic growth in six foreign markets.

As a committed partner, our goal is to provide great support to franchisees and share our best practices with them.

The Optiprint business model is implied in various industries. It offers the flexibility to work in all primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary industries. Offering printer rental services is relatively simple at its core, while it increases the quality of service when customers rely on their worry-free printing. Although software technology evolves relatively quickly, this is not a risk as Optiprint Franchise Team conducts all necessary monthly and annual training in relation to its research and development department.

Obtaining an agile company is crucial in these unknown times. One of the preventive measures is the company’s ability to operate in different markets and provide services in scattered industries. Optiprint’s adaptability allows franchise business partners to integrate their business into the overall culture of different industries, thus reducing business risk.

Optiprint proves its adaptability as it operates in many different industries. The education services industry represents an important segment. For example, Optiprint Slovenia provides worry-free color printing for more than 400 Slovenian educational institutions and covers more than 70% of Slovenian schools and kindergartens.

The service sector is important and offers prospects for continued business expansion. Optiprint operates in industries that include financial, insurance, and consulting activities. Optiprint provides services to companies engaged in real estate activities, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing firms, tax consulting, public relations, and media companies. Tourism is also an important segment, providing accommodation and catering activities.

A high percentage of Optiprint’s portfolio goes to the manufacturing and production industries, wholesale and retail, construction and transportation. Optiprint also covers hospitals and healthcare facilities as well as public administration.

The diversification of Optiprint’s portfolio reduces overall volatility and potential risk. If certain industries perform poorly, business activities in other industries offset the losses. Diversification of the Optiprint portfolio also creates additional profit opportunities.

We believe we are a committed partner, so we are looking for new business partnerships within the Optiprint franchise group. Our goal is to provide ongoing support to franchisees and share with them as much knowledge and expertise as possible.

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