Printing costs account for between 5 and 15% of all operating costs in a company. In larger companies, buying a printer is often a matter of course; on the other hand, more and more companies are opting to rent a printer. Renting is efficient mainly because of cost optimization and printer maintenance.

Carefree printer rental

One of the leading companies in Slovenia offering printer rental is Optiprint, which offers a worry-free printing, copying, and scanning service, which means that the user does not have to worry about anything other than the content of the printing.

Infinite Cartridge. An innovation that makes color printing possible for everyone.

The basic idea of Optiprint was to bring high-quality color printing closer to every user. Optiprint has developed the innovation of an infinite ink cartridge. This continuous ink supply innovation enables the printer to print up to 40,000 color copies. Thanks to the innovation of the continuous color cartridge, Optiprint has managed to reduce the cost of color printing and make it equal to black and white printing. In doing so, they have fulfilled the original mission and made color printing possible for everyone.

The world of eco-friendly color printing

When the ink in the cartridge runs low, the Optiprint service technician comes to the customer and refills it. By refilling, they managed to extend the life of the cartridge, thoroughly reducing the number of waste cartridges and toners. In twelve years, they were able to save more than 4.584.269 cartridges and became an important member of Slovenia’s circular economy through recycling.

From continuous cartridge to complete print management

Comprehensive managed printing service (MPS) is the name of Optiprint’s service that offers companies a reduction in operating costs of up to 30%. Instead of making a large investment in purchasing a printer, companies simply rent the service, optimizing costs. Rental costs are set monthly and include everything needed for worry-free printing. The rental cost includes the printer or multifunction device, installation of the printer, its maintenance, servicing, and replacement of all spare parts. Included in the solution is a continuous ink cartridge that provides worry-free color printing. Thus, the companies and users do not have to worry about anything except the content of the print.

Presence throughout Slovenia. Local service just a step away.

Did you know that the local Optiprint service center is on average 20 km away from the user? Is that possible? One of Optiprint’s biggest competitive advantages is its local presence, which enables it to be highly responsive and build a personal relationship with users. Optiprint operates on the basis of a franchise business model and offers an all-around carefree printing service in all regions of Slovenia. Regardless of the location and organization of the business, users receive a high-quality installation and maintenance service from a local service technician who solves any problem the same day.

An innovation that is steadily expanding into foreign markets

The development of a successful business model has also attracted interest abroad. Optiprint’s worry-free printing and continuous ink cartridge service first spread throughout Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Italy, Romania, and to the Czech Republic.

7 days free printer test

Optiprint is synonymous with worry-free printing, copying, and scanning. The company focuses on quality service and therefore offers a completely non-binding test of a printer or multifunctional device. Become carefree and try it out! The test is free and includes an infinite color cartridge.

Written and prepared by Sanja Končan